What Does an E-Cigarette Starter Kit Include?

If you are struggling with a smoking addiction, and nothing seems to help you overcome this nasty habit, then maybe the elements in e-cigarette starter kit will save you.

An e-cigarette is a battery operated device that heats up e-liquid, converting it from liquid to vapor.

If you just got a completely new electronic cigarette, but you have no idea what are the elements in e-cigarette starter kit, you have come to the right place.

  1. EGO Battery
  2. Cartomizer
  3. USB charge cable
  4. E-liquid

E-Cigarette Starter Kit

As you are already familiar with the elements in e-cigarette starter kit, the first thing you should do is charge your battery with the USB charger. Leave it to charge 3 to 4 hours and after that, you can start your set up.

Battery is the powerhouse for the e-cigarette, you need to make sure you will have at least 300 puffs for a full day of smoking. It is the main component of your cigarette, thus, the battery should be powerful enough to give you hours of vaping pleasure. Furthermore, if you choose an e-cigarette kit which has only an USB charger, it can run out of power when there is no computer around to charge it.

This is why you need to get an e-cig kit that has multiple charging options, so you will be able to charge your battery wherever you are.

Cartomizers contain both e-cigarette liquid and the heating coil to vaporize it. When the liquid in a cartomizer is exhausted, you can simply throw the cartomizer away and use a new one, so you get the same level of vapor production whenever you use your e-cigarette. Therefore, the more cartomizers an e-cigarette starter kit includes, the better.

USB Charge Cable – Every e-cigarette starter kit should include a charger with which you can recharge your batteries from your computer’s USB port. Because USB chargers are small and most e-cigarette batteries are designed to accept USB power, many e-cigarette kits include USB chargers as their only charging accessories.

E-liquid is the fluid that fuels the electronic cigarette. It provides the nicotine solution and the flavoring to your electronic cigarette. It creates the vapor in which you exhale that mimics the traditional smoke from regular cigarettes.


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